It’s okay to have no idea how to blog. I think.

So I’m going to do what it tells me to do for my first blog post because I don’t like being wrong or getting things wrong. I have actually left the instructions above so I can keep referring to it while I type. You see, one major aspect of the anxiety I suffer from is where I can never be wrong for the fear of extreme embarrassment. I almost hope people don’t read this as what if the comments are mean? And OMG, I will never be able to cope with those internet trolls I hear about.

So please be nice if you do happen to stumble across this. I understand that the chances of this happening are extremely small seen as though there are 166,000,000 hits when you google ‘anxiety.’ Which seems ironic as when I was googling for ‘anxiety blogs’ at various points over the last few years I actually struggled to find many that I could really relate to.

To be honest, it will probably only be myself and my husband who ever read this. There is absolutely no hope in hell I will be sharing this for my friends to see. What if someone doesn’t like it? That thought is too much to handle.

So when you read my blog you will see that I am just a normal girl. (Or woman. Is being 28 classed as a woman?) I don’t know much about anxiety apart from my own experiences, my grammar and spelling ability stretches to primary school level and I have never wrote a blog post in my life.

This is a blog about my anxiety.

(By the way, I haven’t changed the photo at the top because I have not yet researched the rules of pictures on blogs. I certainly don’t want to take one off google images and get into trouble as that will stop me before I have begun. I also don’t want to put a picture of myself as right now; I’m just not ready for that.)


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